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Say hello to Penny's Crayons, an established agency with an agile team of developers, designers, content specialists, search experts and account managers. They are very good at what they do but, sometimes there is just too much of it. Then there are the times where a project calls for a specific skill set they don’t have but we do so they use us like a plugin to get the job done. 

If you've read about PushType and you are itching to get started with it, we've created this screencast to help you. We take you through installing and setting up PushType and demonstrate some of its key features.

For almost two years, I’ve been quietly working on a new content management system for Ruby on Rails, called PushType. PushType is designed for developers and every design decision has been made so that the process of actually building sites is made easier. If you value creating content models and designing reusable content patterns, then this is the kind of thing PushType excels at.

Meet Blossom, a business owner with big ideas.  Blossom knows her business inside out. What works, what doesn’t work and what her customers want. It’s that level of understanding that meant she was able to spot a gap in the market. She came to us because she had an idea but needed some help working through exactly what it was she wanted and what it needed to do.

Introducing Simeon, by day a mild-mannered office worker, by night (well, evenings and weekends) he is a visionary. Simeon spotted an opportunity and a glimmer of a business idea formed in his head. He wanted to launch his own startup so, he came to us because he knew we’d ‘get it’ and help him to pin down, plan out and build his idea.

Earn yourself the glory of having named a one-man band. These kind of opportunities don't come knocking every day! Just tweet us with his name and one fact about him. 

How do you create, manage and use content so it works its hardest for you and gives your organisation the best possible return on investment? With a content strategy to help you identify what you have, what should be created and crucially why it should be created. 

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