Why it's important to stay on top of your content and, how to do it

Why it's important to stay on top of your content and, how to do it

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For any business, keeping on top of your website can be a challenge. But the website is where your customers will go to find out about what you do and what you offer, so it’s essential that it’s regularly checked and kept up to date. 

Does your website promote a product that the business hasn’t offered for the last two years, as we recently discovered one of our clients was doing, or is it encouraging people to come along to event that has long since passed? A website that is out of date, includes key messages that are no longer relevant to your business, or that is offering goods and services you no longer provide at best looks sloppy and at worst risks damaging your brand.

Three simple ways to stay on top of your content

1. Find out exactly what is on your site

Invest some time, or if you don’t have the time money, to either carry out an audit of your current site yourself or hire someone to do it for you. It's really important that you know what your website is saying about your business. Having done it myself I know that it can seem like a daunting task and there is always something more pressing that needs your attention. But, by breaking it down into manageable chunks, maybe setting aside an hour each week, looking at a couple of pages at a time you'll soon know exactly what is on there.

2. Review and record what you have got

We’re fans of Airtable here at Push Code and have created a simple template for keeping on top of our content. You can use it for your website, to help you map and manage your web content. Use it to make a note about each page, what the page is about and if it needs updating, deleting or can stay as it is. Record when you reviewed it and then, and this is the key bit, decide when you should review it again. It's important to be realistic about it and that it is manageable for you.

3. Diary dates

You've done the hard work, you know what is on your site and what needs changing. Now it's time to schedule in regular reviews. You won't need to review all your pages with the same frequency. You might only want to review your ‘about page’ a couple of times a year but if you have got a news page you'll want to do that a lot more often. Set reminders in your calendar so that you know when a page is due for review. The template we’ve created includes a calendar view, so you can quickly see what needs updating and when. You can even export it directly to your own calendar. 

Little and often

By taking the time to map out and record what is on your website you can make sure you are in control of your content. It is also a good way to identify any gaps. Scheduling in regular reviews will help you make the task of managing your content much more achievable. It should form part of your business as usual activity and means that you can make sure the content on your site is up to date and working as hard as it can for your business.

We’ve embedded our Airtable template here so you can copy the base, using the button at the bottom of the spreadsheet, and start using it for your website. 

If you have any questions about how to use it, or just want to let us know how you are getting on with it, tweet us @push_code or drop us an email

If you don’t feel confident in carrying out your own site audit it’s something we can help with so get in touch.

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