The one-man band - introducing Singa, formerly know as Sidney

The one-man band - introducing Singa, formerly know as Sidney

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For 45 years a man named Sidney worked as an actuary. He managed risk. Using finely honed analytical skills, he helped businesses plan for the future and protect themselves from loss. The day he retired Sidney gave all his shirts, ties, leather shoes and suits away to charity. He dug a hole in the garden and ceremoniously buried his ID pass and his Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary (CERA) certificate and planted a cherry tree on top of them.

From that point on Sidney was Singa. He changed his name by deed poll, putting it on public record by ‘enrolling’ it at the Royal Courts of Justice, to get his groove on. After a bit of searching on the internet, Singa found a video tutorial showing how to build a one-man band. He scoured the small ads, car boot sales and auction sites and collected together all the instruments he needed to build himself a one-man band kit. His most prized find was an antique ophicleide, rumoured to have belonged to the musician Samuel Hughes, famous for his ophicleide solo of "O Ruddier Than the Cherry".

These days, Singa spends his time travelling the world playing at international fringe festivals. From Adelaide to Brighton, Edinburgh to Grahamstown, Prague to New York Singa’s there. He always travels with his digital companion, “bellsNwhistles” an app he worked with us to create. The smartphone app, “bellsNwhistles”, helps him to plan his itinerary, make sure his tickets and accommodation are booked and schedule his performances. It also keeps him up to date with the fringe festival scene, it allows other performers to rate fringe festivals, upload videos of their shows and share opportunities to perform.

As Singa proves, it’s never too late to follow your passion and do what you love to do.

Thanks to @tokyoonion for naming our one-man band. 

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