Introducing Simeon a startup visionary

Introducing Simeon a startup visionary

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You’ve probably already met Singa, our one-man band. He’s headed off and hit the road for a summer performing at fringe festivals around the world. Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of the other members of the Push Code community.

Say hello to Simeon

By day a mild-mannered office worker, by night (well, evenings and weekends) Simeon is a visionary.

He spotted an opportunity. A glimmer of a business idea formed in his head but he was unsure how to capture it, work out how it would all work and fit together.

Simeon wants to make the most of his idea and build a startup the happy way so he enrolled in The Happy Startup School. He believes there's more to life, and business than making money. 

So, he came to us because he knew we’d ‘get it’ and help him to pin down, plan out and build his idea.

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