Introducing Penny’s Crayons a forward thinking agency

Introducing Penny’s Crayons a forward thinking agency

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We’ve said hello to Blossom, Simeon and Singa today we’d like to introduce the Penny’s Crayons team. 

Penny’s Crayons, a proud member of the IPA, is an established agency with an agile team of developers, designers, content specialists, search experts and account managers. They are very good at what they do.

Sometimes, though, there is too much of it so they ask us to help out with the overflow. Then there are the times where a project calls for a specific skill set they don’t have but we do so they use us like a plugin to get the job done.

We’ve helped them out with web design and development and most recently worked with them like a plugin to their team white labelling our digital copywriting for one of their clients. 

Every Wednesday afternoon they take an hour out of their day, and a break from client work to run a Code Club at their local primary school. They’re committed to passing on their skills to equip the next generation of designers and developers with the basics of programming and web development. 

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