Developing a content strategy - how to corral your content

Developing a content strategy - how to corral your content

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My name is Annika (btw you say it so it rhymes with sneaker) and I'm the newest member of the Push Code team.

For the past 10 years I've worked in communications, PR, and marketing roles in large organisations across a whole range of different industries. I've also worked with small business and charities helping them to develop their identity, tone of voice and online presence.

Words, pictures and videos - it's all content

I have spent a lot of time, money and effort, creating and commissioning content. I don't just mean words though. Content is essentially anything that communicates on behalf of your business or organisation so photographs, images and videos all count as content too.

I've got to be honest, while the majority of that content did form part of a larger overall plan sometimes it was created because of an ad-hoc request from within the business. I know there are times that I missed opportunities to make the most of some of that content or recreated content that already existed elsewhere within the organisation. Any of this sound familiar?

Content for content's sake

With a million and one things to do it can be a challenge to stop and think about why, how and what is being communicated. Once you have a new piece of content, and an ever growing 'to do' list, it is all too easy to load it on a website, push it out in an email or post in a blog article. Then tick it off your list as job done and move on to the next thing.

Working in a piecemeal and siloed way can result in content that is inconsistent in its look and feel. A good test is if someone saw a piece of content out of context, for example not on your website, would they instantly recognise it as having come from your organisation?

Not having a well thought out plan in place, with clear objectives in terms of what you want that content to achieve, and a system of governance to manage all your content (I don't mean a content management system) it can quickly get out of hand, out of date and forgotten about.

Corralling your content

How do you create, manage and use content that will work its hardest for you and give your organisation the best possible return on investment? That's where a content strategy comes in.

Not sure what a content strategy is? Orbit Media Studios explain it pretty well:

Content strategy is about planning the creation, promotion, and measurement of content.

Content strategy helps you identify what you already have, what should be created and crucially why it should be created. Making sure that the content you create tells a consistent story. And, once you have your content, because it is an asset, keep track of it as you would any other asset your business owns.

How does content strategy fit with web design?

Content - that's what people are searching the web for. Yes, a well built and well designed site is a must but it's the content on that site that does the communicating, informing or selling. The majority of websites are designed and built with content treated almost as an afterthought.

No one person can be an expert in all areas of content strategy - it is too broad. My own expertise lies in project management, content marketing, tone of voice, online identity and editorial planning. Working in a web design and development company means that I have direct access to design, user experience and technical skills. Combining this expertise allows us to take a holistic approach thinking about the design of the site, the user experience and the content of the site at the same time.

In my role at Push Code I'll be helping clients to think about what they as an organisation look and sound like and how, why, where, and when content should be created and shared. I'll be working with them them to create a manageable and achievable content strategy to enable them to get the maximum return on the time and resources they invest in creating their content.

If all that has made you think it's time to get your content under control get in touch.

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