Code, content and fire safety - our latest project

Code, content and fire safety - our latest project

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For the past few months we’ve been all about fire safety, working with our client Marsden Fire Safety Ltd. Over the course of the project we have learned a lot about fire safety legislation, mitigating the risk of fire and the range of products that are available to help keep people and businesses safe. And, as a result, I have to admit, I very much covet a life hammer. 

Our task was to completely redevelop, redesign, rebrand and re-write, two very dated websites into a single site that combines an e-commerce platform with specialist technical knowledge. We love a challenge!

Doing the groundwork 

With a project of this size it was essential to map out exactly what needed doing and when. From paring down and making sense of the inventory of over 2,000, creating product taxonomies, automating the migration of product data from the old sites to the new site and integrating everything with their existing accounts platform. 


The redesign of the site enabled two separate sites, with different purposes, to be combined into a single contemporary site. The design was created in parallel with the content so that one did not dictate to the other. We had to completely re-think the information architecture and content taxonomy.


We built the new website from the ground up. The back end is a Rails app powered by both our own CMS, PushType, and the e-commerce platform Solidus. We integrated the two systems to make it a seamless experience for end users. On the front end we experimented with using Tachyons to minimise the amount of type writing CSS, and made light use of Vue.js for a few on-page custom components.


There’s no two ways about it, there is a lot of content on this site. We had to do a fair amount of research into fire safety, risk management, legislation, fire engineering and fire safety products. I for one, have looked at a lot of photographs of fire extinguishers. We developed a consistent and appropriate tone of voice and applied it to everything, from in depth technical articles, information about training courses, product descriptions to microcopy. 


One of the key tasks was creating a new brand identity for Marsden Fire Safety. The two existing sites had separate identities and we needed to create a consistent contemporary visual identity that united the two and represented the business and what it offers.

Finally, we were delighted to discover the old sites made liberal use of animated GIFs (something you don’t see enough of these days), and we’re proud we could preserve a little bit of that history.

It was a complex project but one that allowed us to demonstrate exactly what Push Code is all about.

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