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When you buy a house you normally know what you are looking for, you'll have a list of must haves and nice to haves.  Choosing a new website and buying a new house have a lot in common. There are lots of choices to make and it is important to understand the pros and cons of each option and be realistic about what your budget will and won’t get you.

For the past few months we’ve been all about fire safety, working with our client Marsden Fire Safety Ltd. Our task was to completely redevelop, redesign, rebrand and re-write, two very dated websites into a single site that combines an e-commerce platform with specialist technical knowledge. It was a complex project but one that allowed us to demonstrate exactly what Push Code is all about. 

Working from home your world can feel like it has shrunk, networking meetings can seem intimidating or just an exercise in swapping business cards. But, it doesn't have to be that way. Finding some like minds and working together it is possible to create your own opportunities to grow your world,  work with other local businesses and make where you live a better place to do business.

What started as an internal side project, our little Ruby content management system, PushType, was "soft launched" as an open source project at Bath Ruby in March 2016. Since then, developers around the World have been using PushType in their own projects and a small and friendly community is beginning to form. 

To mark the festive season, and because Annika's got form when it comes to 12 days of Christmas tweets, we created and tweeted our own Push Code version of the 12 days of Christmas #pc12d, with some dubious rhymes. Come on, you all know the tune, so we hope you'll join us in a rousing chorus!

I've got a three-year-old daughter and I remember the first time she said something that wasn't her. It made me stop what I was doing, someone else's voice was coming out of my daughter's mouth. It wasn't anything offensive, it just wasn't her. Just as it makes you stop when you hear your child sound like someone else it can have the same effect on people who interact with your business if you don’t sound consistent. 

Mastering CSS is something of a paradox. On the surface, it’s a pretty easy language (if it can be called a language) to learn. Spend a couple of days reading the right material and following a few tutorials and you can get to grips with the basics. Yet at the same time, CSS is a beast to master. Enter functional CSS - I’ve started to use it and while my initial reaction was "it’s just not right", it’s definitely worth challenging yourself, getting over your first impressions and giving it a go.

For any business, keeping on top of your website can be a challenge. But the website is where your customers will go to find out about what you do and what you offer, so it’s essential that it’s regularly checked and kept up to date. Using our free, easy to use template, you can make sure you know what your website it saying about your business and keep on top of your content with regular, scheduled reviews. 

Giving up our time to volunteer and using our professional skills to make a difference is something that both Aaron and I do. Why do we do it? Because we both have causes, not necessarily the same ones (and that is ok), that we care about and want to support. And, we believe that it is important to give something back.  

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