Our story

In the beginning…

It all started in a Quango (as all good stories do). Aaron managed brand and events but really he wanted to build things, things on the web. Annika did her best to get the good news out and keep the bad news in. They met in an enchanted communications team and the story began. Well, it didn't quite - a few things happened in between.



A winding path

Aaron didn't exactly take the traditional route into the industry. His nights were spent trying to be an international superstar DJ, whilst his days were spent working in jobs that generally didn't really float his boat. The DJing thing didn't work out, but there was always his geeky hobby - designing and building websites.


Finding his passion

He claims to not be academic, but he's definitely dedicated. While working full-time (in that enchanted communications team) he went back to college to study multimedia design. And he's not looked back. Having found his passion Aaron worked a variety of in-house and agency roles. Each one of these jobs gave him the opportunity to learn and grow but he really wanted to be the master of his own destiny.


Setting out

In 2008 Aaron made the leap and set out on his own. No funding, no loans, just hard work and commitment. Working out of a palatial, front room office in a mid-terrace house in Swindon he worked with small companies, family run businesses, start-ups, large organisations and agencies.



Four years later, in the lee of the Cotswold Edge, Push Code was born.



Making a plan

In 2002, armed with a Social Anthropology degree from the University of Sussex, Annika headed off to teach English in Poland for the summer. Back in Brighton, not really sure what she wanted to do, she followed a well trodden path and spent some time working in a call center. It was not for her so she started to make a plan.


Unexpected return

Back in Swindon, not part of the master plan, her degree opened the door to the world of academic research and Annika found herself managing the evaluation of social science projects. She made the move into the Communications team and she found what she loved to do.


Hither and yon

Annika's path took her via marketing and communications teams in multinational companies and the public and private sector. Each one offered the chance to develop, learn new things, understand a different industry and meet new people. She also volunteered her time and skills with charities working with refugees, young people, children and homelessness.


Making the leap

In 2016 she took the leap and left the corporate world to join Push Code.



A whole decade has passed since that enchanted communications team, Wiltshire has been swapped for Gloucestershire, family dynamics have changed and Aaron and Annika are back working together. They are a team in and out of work, now with the addition of Alys (known collectively as the A-Team). The difference is this time they are in charge.

Push Code


Doing things differently

Push Code was borne out of a desire to do things differently. Informed, and inspired, by learnings from the Happy Startup School. There's no politics, no big egos and no nonsense. Just passion, creativity, fun and honest hard work. Push Code is never going to be a big agency, it's not even a small agency. The Push Code way isn't for everyone - and that's ok.


Starting with values

Our values define the essence of Push Code. They are not just a wish list of 'nice to haves'. They reflect the personality of Push Code, what Aaron and Annika each bring to the business and what they believe in. In a world, and an industry, where things change rapidly Push Code's values remain consistent.


On a mission

Push Code's purpose is to help people and organisations make great websites and web applications and to tell their stories. Push Codes' mission is to use the power of the web to make a positive dent in the world. Little actions lead to big things.

Work with us

We'd love you to be part of our story too. Let's start the next chapter…

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