We turn your brightest ideas into web and AI driven success stories.

A small but perfectly formed British software company, using the web and AI to power-up businesses, agencies and start-ups from around the world.

# Work

Taking the pain out of blockchain development


Developed a web-based interactive tutorial and documentation site to help developers get started building on the Aldea Computer blockchain. Taking advantage of Aldea’s native TypeScript support, we created a user-friendly, frictionless learning experience without needing to leave the browser, removing the usual complexities of blockchain and smart contracts.

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Making blockchain data straightforward


Engineered a fast and user-friendly Vue-powered block explorer for the Aldea Computer that works with both the public network or a local “mocknet”. This tool brings transparency to digital object properties and decodes transactions into a human-readable list of instructions, making blockchain exploration straightforward and approachable.

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# About

Nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds, our boutique software company packs a surprising amount of creative talent and technical expertise. We build tailored web, AI and blockchain solutions for local and international businesses and startups.

We aren't just another external agency — we'll become your trusted partner. We'll fit seamlessly into your existing team or lead the helm as your go-to technical consultants. You'll reap the benefits of personalized attention and long-term commitment to every project.

Integration of market leading APIs such as OpenAI and Anthropic. Custom solutions built on top of open source LLMs such as Llama or Mistral.
Full-stack app dev using solid application frameworks using Elixir, NodeJS and Ruby.
We build apps, micro-servcies and integrations that ease yours (and your customers) transition into Web3.
Server and systems setup, and automated scalable zero-downtime deployments.
Dev tooling
We build tooling, libraries and software development kits for when your users are the devs.
From traditional standards compliant HTML and CSS dev, through to advanced interactive user interfaces using frameworks like Vue, React and Svelte.
Project management
End to end, full-service project management and administration.
Application and user interface design.

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